Title Change

“Intellectual Toolkit” sounded a bit pretentious, so I’ve changed the blog name.  I’ve changed the name of the computer game I’m developing about four times, so I suspect I just have trouble sticking with names…  Maybe this name will stick.  It’s at least honest and direct.

It’s also been about one year since I first started this blog and I haven’t written nearly as much as I had hoped.  I have about 30 or more draft essays sitting on my computer, ranging from “nearly complete and revised post” to “I had two ideas that I scribbled down real quick.”  If I ever have a sudden fit of inspiration, expect to see a lot of posts in rapid succession as I finish those up.

In the meantime, I’m currently having all my spare hours sucked away by a computer game and am feeling pretty lazy lately–but that’s a good thing compared to previously high levels of stress and anxiety.  Hopefully I’ll get writing and working on other projects by the start of May.


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