Internet Turbulence Ahead

Huge numbers of people in developing and poor regions of the world will get internet access in the next 10 to 20 years, and this will primarily happen through mobile/wireless infrastructure and very cheap personal computing resources.  When that happens, the internet will cease to be a relatively exclusive playpen for the developed world.

Culture clashes online are already getting disruptive and will grow massively.  Can you imagine social justice advocates on Tumblr trying to have a discussion with someone from a different culture for whom Western feminism is an entirely foreign concept?  Or people in well-off parts of the United States talking about freedom of speech and individualism with people who just left their rural village life for a growing Chinese metropolis?

These types of conversations are possible and they need to happen, but even intra-developed world debates on such topics devolve into mudslinging, violent threats, polarization, and what appears to be a form of non-state, net-facilitated ideological warfare.  We do not have the cultural tools to handle these discussions.  They must be developed and spread.